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Media Stream LLC Launches  WellnysDirect Online Search Directory platform to help wellness professionals and businesses connect with their digital audience on October 16, 2020. The Yelp-like platform allows wellness practitioners an opportunity to create a free profile on the search directory or choose an upgraded premium plan to access advanced Online Search Directory features.

Registered users are provided with a robust online profile to garner additional online traffic and improved SEO ranking. With a plethora of available features such as article highlights, video galleries, live testimonials and appointment links, it’s the closest thing to a website without the investment.

WellnysDirect is a natural progression from its partnership with, a wellness news media site that launched last August in 2019. Currently, the technical team and web designers are working on adding advanced features and pre-loading the robust directory with profiles with categories that range from chiropractors, massage therapists to reiki masters.

WellnysDirect has partnered with the Holistic Chamber of Commerce to provide more value to its members. Holistic Chamber of Commerce members receive a discounted rate to upgrade their profile on WellnysDirect to boost their online presence even more.

Registered users of WellnysDirect are given Contributor Access to As a Contributor, they can share their professional expertise in SEO-optimized articles, which can are back-linked to the individual’s website.

“Our goal with WellnysDirect is to provide wellness practitioners with an opportunity to build their Online Search Directory presence and showcase their specialities. Unlike other directories, WellnysDirect connects wellness professional to where they are invited to share their expertise as contributors. Everything is connected in one space,” says Charn Pennewaert, Founder and CEO of Media Stream, LLC.

About Media Stream LLC Launches Online Search Directory 

Media Stream LLC Launches is a premier digital marketing and creative design agency based in Orange County, California. From small “Mom-and-Pops” to thriving corporations, Media Stream has crafted a myriad of successful projects for its clients, including custom websites, targeted advertisements and other creative assets.

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