Newport Beach Aikido

Learn the traditional art of aikido with chief instructor – Gentil Pennewaert Shihan at Newport Beach Aikido, located in Orange County, California. Newport Beach Aikido continues the legacy first started in Japan during the last century by the founder Ueshiba Morihei.

Sensei Pennewaert
Cohn Health Institute Practitioner


Cohn Health Institute

At the Cohn Health Institute, their practitioners approach each individual holistically and work together to provide the most comprehensive natural health care available. They believe that wellness starts from within and your health is their top priority.

Cohn Health Institute Practitioner



DPRA develops powerful systems, software, and planning tools that allow business and government to execute efficiently and manage proactively. DPRA specializes in solving the most complex logistical problems, including large-scale military operations and humanitarian support, as well as environmental policies, and the challenges of change management.

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TAGNOS Hospital



TAGNOS harnesses situational intelligence to empower hospitals and health systems improve workflow, generate revenue and achieve efficient outcomes. The TAGNOS mission is to illuminate, automate, and orchestrate healthcare results within operating rooms, emergency departments, and asset management systems.

TAGNOS Hospital


Jewels: The Making of a Woman

THE MAKING OF A WOMAN is the compelling autobiography of a dynamic female who refused to bow down to the circumstances of her birth. With a prevailing sense of self and survival, Jewels fought a hardscrabble war against the forces and people that populated her life in a way that often crushes others.


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