Launch Your New Business

Looking for new opportunities to earn extra income from your home?

Are you already selling essentials oils, beauty products or nutritional supplements?

Why not consider adding the power of magnetic therapy to help with the growing concern over EMFs and 5G technology with an amazing line of mix and match magnetic jewelry?

Join Media Stream and guest speaker – Ilene Cohn Reichman (Top Gem for Magnetude Jewelry) to launch your new business, offering quality magnetic jewelry to your existing or new customers.

Join our Magnetude Opportunity LIVE event

What you will learn:

  • The Power of Magnetic Jewelry
  • The Dangers of EMFs and 5G Technology
  • What is Magnetude Jewelry and how does it work?
  • How to get started – the process
  • How to successfully launch your Magnetude Jewelry business

About Our Guest Speaker

We are so thrilled to have Ilene Cohn Reichman from Cohn Leadership join us for this business opportunity event. Our guest speaker – Ilene Reichman is the top GEM rep for Magnetude Jewelry with many successful reps under her wing. Find out how she is able to grow her business from home and manage a successful business while traveling and enjoying her successful, healthy, happy lifestyle.

Ilene Cohn Reichman is no stranger to representing multiple lines of wellness products from plant-based supplements, essential oils, beauty products, CBD organic brands, but her top seller is Magnetude Jewelry. Learn from the experts and save time and money to launch your own business with the help of Ilene. This is a rare opportunity that you should not miss. Feel free to invite your friends and family.

Watch the recorded event below. If you are interested in signing up as a GEM rep, contact us to discuss at to get started.