Charn Pennewaert from Media Stream joins social influencer and President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Santa Monica Chapter – Chantalynn to present Protecting Your Energetic Wellness with Magnetic Jewelry.

5G Technology affects your electrical field

More and more cell towers are invading our community with 5G technology all around us and it’s important to understand how 5G affects our body. As our bodies are electric, the rise in EMFs in advance technologies is affecting our cellular vitality. Many are experiencing increased anxiety, stress, depression, brain fog, and migraines. When a strong bio-magnet is put in an energy field, it increases the electrical field as well. (Faraday’s, Lorentz and Ampere’s law of physic). By wearing our jewelry in your energy field, you are increasing your electrical field, helping to counteract the energy depletion and negative effects from EMFs.

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How EMFs affect you

Everyone is affected – our children, teens, men, women and pets. In order to counteract the dangers of EMFs, Charn suggests wearing magnetic jewelry from Magnetude Jewelry – bio-magnetic jewelry designed to not only look amazing with its mix and match designs but also are embedded with Neodymium magnets. Magnetude Jewelry has also embedded energy frequencies of Far-Infrared (FIR), Negative ion, and Germanium on the back of all of our bases. These energy frequencies are known to help increase blood flow, decrease inflammation,, and boost serotonin. So, not only are you increasing your cellular energy, but there are healthy effects that can decrease pain, increase blood flow, boost your mood, and provide better sleep.

Magnetude is Healthy Jewelry

Magnetude Jewelry is not only fashionable and beautiful it has been designed with your health in mind! We use the strongest Neodymium bio-magnets (4000 gauss) to attach our ‘Tudes’ to our bases. These bio-magnets help to overcome the harmful effects of EMFs (electromagnetic fields), by increasing cellular energy and vitality. EMFs are emitted all around us by cell phones, cell towers, WiFi, routers, microwave ovens, smart meters, computers…etc. If you live on the planet you can’t completely get away from them. This radiation can decrease our cellular function by depleting the cell’s energy.

We have 60 trillion cells in our body which communicate in an electromagnetic rhythm. This rhythm or frequency affects our health. The latest research shows our mitochondria and calcium channel are very sensitive to EMFs and this can cause serious health consequences starting at a cellular level.

Charn’s Discovery of Magnetic Jewelry

After trying the magnetic jewelry, Charn Pennewaert who was suffering from migraines and brain fog noticed a dramatic difference. She decided to become a GEM and then worked with Dr. Tracey Diner and Candice Loren to design the new website. Charn’s passion is to educate and help people understand the harmful effects of EMF and encourage people to take action. Whether it be limited mobile device usage, turning off your wifi and router when you sleep or wearing Magnetude Jewelry, it’s important to take care of what’s affecting your wellness. She loves Chantalynn’s energy and connected with her to promote BIOHACKS for your wellness in this presentation. We hope that you will enjoy the video presentation and please share to support and raise awareness.

Learn about the dangers of EMFs and how we can counteract the harmful effects of electromagnetic frequencies with Magnetude Jewelry.