We’re back again with another very important topic: 😴 SLEEP

Can’t sleep? 🧠The cause may be imbalances in your brain. Join us for our upcoming webinar featuring our very own – Dr. Kelly Miller, NMD, Founder of Saving Your Brain Centers and Amazon Best Seller Author of Saving Your Brain Book. We are talking about the importance of Sleep, Stages of Sleep, Imbalances of the Brain due to lack or disruptive sleep and Drug-Free Sleep Solutions.
Register on Eventbrite and get access to this recorded webinar kicking off on April 29-May 14. Take our sleep assessment, get discounts to our Initial Brain Assessment package and schedule a FREE 15-minute Telehealth appointment with Dr. Miller.

As the author of Amazon Best Seller book – Saving Your Brain, Dr. Kelly Miller explains how the letters in the word S-A-V-I-N-G Y-O-U-R B-R-A-I-N is an acronym, each representing an important area for brain health. S stands for Sleep and is perhaps, the most important activity for the brain in order to function at its optimal level.

Distrubances in sleep is a sign of brain imbalance. We now know that it is very important to go through the 5 stages of sleep every night and we need to cycle through them to get the most benefit. “

Dr. Kelly Miller, NMD – Author of Saving Your Brain

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Register for our upcoming Brain Health Awareness Webinar on Sleep Solutions on Thursday, April 29th to May 14th via Eventbrite for Sleep Solutions with Dr. Miller, NMD. This is a recorded event so tune in anytime to watch and connect with Dr. Kelly Miller, NMD. As part of the Brain Health Awareness series, Dr. Miller provides us with great solutions on improving sleep by retraining the brain. His advanced technological systems map out affected areas of the brain to create a specific drug-free program to help patients sleep better.

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