Brain Health Awareness

Brain Health Awareness Series covers the top mental disorders affecting our society today. Media Stream is proud to support holistic, natural healthcare and wellness topics that matters most to our community. This year, our mission is to share valuable insights into the growing mental disorders today with educational programs that can help many find recovery.

Dr Kelly Miller, Amazon Best Seller Author joins as from as an expert with brain disorders as ADHD, Autism, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Stress, and more with over 40 years of clinical practice experience and a multi-disciplinary approach to helping his patients achieve recovery through his advance brain training programs. His certified education background include chiropractic, naturopathic, acupuncture, functional neurology and regenerative medicine to name just a few. His three clinics (also known as Health Restoration) are located in Tampa, Florida and Kansas City, Missouri. He has authored seven amazing books on brain health and we are delighted to share his expertise in the upcoming months with special offers only available for our attendees.

Alternatives to ADHD Therapy without Medication for Brain Health Awareness

From Jan 14-31st, Media Stream launched our series on Brain Health Awareness with exclusive interviews with Amazon Best Seller Author – Dr. Kelly Miller of Saving Your Brain to discuss important brain health topics as Alternatives to ADHD in January, Autism Advance Rehabilitation in February, and Saving Parkinson’s in March 2021.

Kelly Miller, NMD joins Media Stream to discuss the nature of the ADHD brain disorder, current studies on ADHD medication, and effective brain-based treatments that are changing the brain and lives. If you are a parent, diagnosed with ADHD, or know someone who is currently suffering from ADHD, contact Kelly Miller at for a FREE 15-minute consultation safely via his telehealth services or book an appointment at

This is a recorded presentation on Zoom and available to all registrants. 

Learn more about Brain-Based Treatments for ADHD below:

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