The Holistic Chamber of Commerce Partners

Media Stream is excited to announce its new partnership with The Holistic Chamber of Commerce Partners (HCC) to offer members significant discounts on website development packages. Additionally, in light of the hardships created by the COVID-19 pandemic, Media Stream is offering HCC members an additional discount off any website package by simply mentioning code HC200 during the first consultation.

“I have so much respect for all healthcare workers that continue to keep their practices open during these hard times,” says Charn Pennewaert, Founder and CEO of Media Stream. “I’m just so grateful to be in a position to give back to this community.”

Not only is Media Stream offering significant discounts to HCC members, but it is also supporting their practices as guest speakers on Zoom Webinars to educate its members on Social Media Marketing. HCC members are also given access to the Wellnys Contributor Program, allowing them to share their expertise with their online community via targeted articles and drive traffic back to their practice.

“I love our partnership with Media Stream,” says Camille Leon, Director of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce Partners. “A strong website and online presence is key to reaching people these days. It’s exciting to connect our members with an opportunity to save money and time while boosting their professional platform and search engine optimization (SEO). The bigger we get, the better we get!”

Until August 10th, prospective members can join the HCC for a $20 discount by using the code MSM20.

About Media Stream Marketing

Media Stream Marketing is a premier digital marketing and creative design agency based in Orange County, California. From small “Mom-and-Pops” to thriving corporations, Media Stream has crafted a myriad of successful projects for its clients, including custom websites, targeted advertisements and other creative assets.

With over 20 years of leadership, design, and marketing experience in the wellness industry, Charn Pennewaert leads the Media Stream creative team with personalized marketing solutions. Her clients include top wellness speakers, chiropractor coaching organization, and an A-list of wellness professionals around the Nation. She has trained and assembled a unique team of creative and innovative designers to ensure her clients succeed. Media Stream understands that the success of a marketing campaign doesn’t just come from brainstorming exciting ideas. It comes from making those ideas come to life.

About the Holistic Chamber of Commerce Partners

The Holistic Chamber of Commerce Partners is the only organization for holistically-minded professionals and business owners offering an online directory and event listing, a network of community-based chapters and business-related discounts. By checking references on all members, the HCC Member Directory guarantees a higher level of quality when making referrals.

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