Is BurnOut Real?

According to Forbes and thousands of doctors and their patients, the answer is YES.

Burnout is a workplace issue – a chronic process of exhaustion, cynicism, and inefficacy caused by a disconnect or an imbalance between key job demands, job resources, and your ability to recover both at work and outside of work. The most important part of this definition is the word “chronic.” Burnout doesn’t just spring up overnight – it simmers over a period of time, for many people, over the course of years.  More importantly, burnout is mainly a systemic problem caused by systemic issues within organizations, not just individuals and their ability (or inability) to respond to stress. – Forbes

Dr. Steven Zodkoy from Monmouth Advanced Medicine and author of the Misdiagnosed Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome joins Media Stream to share his views on the BurnOut Answer. With over 30 years experience in holistic medicine and natural health therapies, Dr. Zodkoy describes how we are all suffering from a medically diagnosed syndrome that is plaguing our workforce and work-life. From young to old, BurnOut is taking a toll on our lives and the long term effects can cause chronic diseases and major healthcare issues.

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Watch our exclusive interview with Dr. Steven Zodkoy from Monmouth Advanced Medicine on the Burnout Answer