Online Summit

Media Stream Hosts, LLC will host a speaker Online Summit on December 3rd with 45-minute pre-recorded interviews featuring twelve top industry founders, business leaders and speakers.

Side Gig Success Online Summit

The Side Gig Success Online Summit will offer registered attendees great tips on how to get started, how successful leaders drive sales, and which companies are offering the best commissions. The event is FREE to registrants before November 25th and still a great value at $99 after the promotion date. Attendees will register via Eventbrite starting on November 6th.


The first of the Q&A interviews will be released on December 3rd to registered attendees to access and additional interviews will be released each day for the next 10 days.


“I’m delighted to join a roster of accomplished entrepreneurs in health & wellness to explore one of the most dynamic areas of personal economic growth in 2020. The key to success in launching a side gig is to bring a brand-focused mentality to your game plan, and I look forward to sharing marketing-based strategies and tips to help side gigs thrive.” Fran Kelly, Founder, FSK Roundtable – Collaborative PR Solutions


Top independent representatives from Arbonne, Beauty Counter, Seacret Direct, Magnetude Jewelry, Vitalibis Full-Spectrum CBD, and doTERRA will be giving their best strategies for success. Each presenter will offer a special gift or promotion only available to registered guests.


“We strive to help people affected by the pandemic and have lost their jobs. We are looking for ways to support their reduced income. Our goal for the Side Gig Success Online Summit is to give attendees a shortcut to success.” Charn Pennewaert, Founder of Media Stream, LLC


“At my core, I love creating safe, effective products!  When people experience value with products, they naturally share them with others.  That’s why we created Vitalibis with a peer-to-peer marketing program – so our most loyal Customers could enjoy our products, while also earning additional referral income.  The gig-economy is thriving and we’re proud to offer a robust option for those interested in being a part of our Brand Ambassador community.” Steve Raack, CEO of Vitalibis.


About Media Stream


Media Stream Hosts is a premier digital marketing and creative design agency based in Orange County, California. From small “Mom-and-Pops” to thriving corporations, Media Stream has crafted a myriad of successful projects for its clients, including custom websites, targeted advertisements and other creative assets.