Updating and Maintaining Your Website

The main goal for Updating and Maintaining Your Website is to keep your visitors coming back and attracting new consumers. Charn Pennewaert from Media Stream will be presenting at the upcoming Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Mission Viejo Chapter meeting on her favourite topic – web design and SEO! Get all the inside tips on designing a USER friendly, SEO optimized homepage for your business. 

7 Easy Steps To Updating and Maintaining Your Website And Increase Traffic

  1. Choose the right website builder. Success starts with the right foundation. …
  2. Update Regularly. …
  3. Give it a Makeover. …
  4. Review your content. …
  5. Optimize Your Website for SEO. …
  6. Create a Sense of Community. …
  7. Use Social Media.

Check out the event details below and be sure to mark your calendar to join!

Aug 12, 2020 | 6:15PM – 7:45PM

Presenter: Charn Pennewaert, Dotty Scott

Price: Free for now!



Location: Zoom Meeting

United States of America Description Websites are so very important in our digital world to give us an online presence we can be proud of, that truly represent us, and represent us well by working for us in the best way possible!  Come and listen to our website building and SEO expert Charn Pennewaert, and Award-winning website builder Dotty Scott!  Get your website of your dreams working in the best way possible for you!


More on Charn Pennewaert

With over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, marketing consultant, web designer, Charn Pennewaert joins us today from Media Stream. She is the Founder and CEO of mediastreammarketing.com and wellnys.com. Charn has worked with wellness professionals, speakers, coaches, and organizations to boost their online presence.

More on Dotty Scott:

Dotty is an award-winning website designer. Premium Websites, LLC was awarded ( 2011 – 2020) the “Top 25 Web Hosting & Design Companies” by the Vancouver Business Journal.  The Best of Vancouver award was presented to Premium Websites, LLC in the category of Website Design and Development in November 2011. Best of Clark County was awarded in 2017. In 2020 Premium Websites was awarded Business Hall of Fame for earning The Best Website Design and Development award 9 years in a row.

Dotty has over 300 website clients and maintains well over a 90% retention rate.  Her customers love the work she produces and appreciates her ability to help them with online marketing.

Dotty is a sought-after speaker regionally. Small business owners especially benefit from her Social Media and Blogging presentations. They gain valuable knowledge of otherwise complex or confusing technical strategies in just a short time because she makes the information easy to understand.  Dotty is well educated but does not speak in “Techie” terms… she makes complicated topics understandable for everyone.

As a past Membership Coordinator for I Take The Lead organization, she has helped local business owners promote their products and services through networking opportunities and education.

Dotty is also a member of the Fort Vancouver Lions and contributes over 75 hours of volunteer time each year for the benefit of her community.

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