Entrepreneur Online Summit

The Wealthy Wellness Entrepreneur Online Summit is ready to help grow and impact the income of holistic wellness businesses. It’s no surprise that many entrepreneurs in the wellness industry have had to pivot their business online. And, what they are finding is leverage in their businesses. They are able to reach more people, help more people, make a bigger and broader impact, all from the comfort of their home offices.

Wealthy Wellness Entrepreneur Online Summit

On August 17, 2020, the Wealthy Wellness Entrepreneur Online Summit, hosted by Dianne DelReyes, L.Ac. and Holistic Wellness business coach, and 20 other amazing experts in the industry are pulling back the curtain to spill all the top tips, tools, and secrets you will need, all in one place. This is a virtual Masterclass collective with free insights on money, marketing, mindset, leverage, and launching a new up-levelled wellness business in less than 2 weeks. Attendees can register online to receive summit details and notifications,

“I am so excited to share an abundance of knowledge and skills to help entrepreneurs create a recurring income that they can count on while making a bigger and broader impact on the lives of their clients! Our amazing speakers at the Wealthy Wellness Entrepreneur Online Summit are creating freedom and fun in our business!” – Dianne DelReyes, Founder of the Wealthy Wellness Preneur Summit

With over two decades of entrepreneurial and marketing experience, Charn Pennewaert, CEO of Media Stream, LLC and Wellnys.com continues to educate the holistic wellness community through powerful online events as the Wealthy Wellness Preneur. Charn will be speaking on “How to Choose the Best Social Media Channel for Your Business.” She will cover topics as understanding your audience, content creation, and optimizing the social media channel for the business.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to share my expertise and help the holistic wellness community thrive during these challenging times. As a member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, it was been a rewarding and educational experience. We are all growing stronger together.” – Charn Pennewaert, CEO & Founder of Media Stream, Holistic Chamber of Commerce member

Most recently, Charn has been invited as a guest speaker on a variety topics for the Holistic Chamber of Commerce Chapter meetings in Huntington Beach and Mission Viejo. Media Stream is an official partner of the HCC since July 2020 and offers great web development packages at discounted rates for Holistic Chamber members.

“It’s always a treat to share about holistic approaches to health and business. After all, everyone I know wants a healthy body AND bottom line. They go hand-in-hand.
Interviews like this allow me to share about our members and their expertise with new consumers and that is good for everyone involved!” – Camille Leon, Founder of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce

About Media Stream

Media Stream Marketing is a premier digital marketing and creative design agency based in Orange County, California. From small businesses to thriving corporations, Media Stream has crafted a myriad of successful projects for its clients, including custom websites, targeted advertisements and other creative assets.

With over 20 years of leadership, design, and marketing experience in the wellness industry, Charn Pennewaert leads the Media Stream creative team with personalized marketing solutions. Her clients include top wellness speakers, chiropractor coaching organization, and an A-list of wellness professionals around the Nation. She has trained and assembled a unique team of creative and innovative designers to ensure her clients succeed. Media Stream Wealthy Wellness Entrepreneur understands that the success of a marketing campaign doesn’t just come from brainstorming exciting ideas. It comes from making those ideas come to life.

“Wellness is an interesting combination of East and West—on the one hand, there are the statistics, the science behind it, and then there’s the mind and body, the spiritual side, and so when you combine the two it’s a perfect fit,” says Phillip King, founder and chairman of Varcis Capital,