Let’s Talk About Mental Illness

Michael Gillett has suffered from CPTSD – Complex Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder for over four decades, silently, as a result of traumatic childhood experiences. After his journey of pain and healing through a combination of holistic therapy, breath work, mediation, and Qigong meditation, he shares his recipes for management and well-being in the Notes of the Round Table.

This self-discovery book is intended to guide you through various moments in life when you need support and offer you valuable exercises for overcoming the challenges. Whether you are the CEO or in a managerial position, or just need to de-stress, Notes from the Round Table is a cookbook for success.This book is NOT intended to be read in any order. When you need guidance, choose the chapter that applies to your roadblock and find clarity in practicing the recommended exercises.

“My mission to help those in need. They are not alone, hold on to hope and happiness is real. Sometimes we need help finding it, and that’s okay.” – Michael Gillett

My Journey in writing this book has come to end. Now I have two goals.

  • Teach folks that balance in life is achievable and share a game plan where individuals can do something bigger than what they initially believed.

  • Change the culture where it is normal to talk about mental illness in the same way we talk about cancer, flu, heart disease, a broken arm. PTSD and Diabetes have no cure, they are managed in some very similar ways: Good Diet, Exercise, Stress Reduction. When you have a heart attack, you get balloons sent to the hospital. I didn’t see any balloons being sent to the Trauma Hospital. This is an easy change. We just need to share and learn from each other.

Notes of the Round Table is available in Paperback Edition at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon for $27 and on Amazon (Kindle), Barnes & Noble (Nook), and Apple iPhone/iPad.

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