AVACEN Medical Affiliate Exam

Version 210415

Exam Instructions: ***IMPORTANT: WE RECOMMEND TAKING THE EXAM ON A COMPUTER AND NOT YOUR MOBILE PHONE. Before you begin the Exam, to ensure appropriate product knowledge, correct intended use and proper marketing, please be very familiar with the following:

  1. AVACEN Marketing Guidelines
  2. AVACEN User Guide
  3. Understanding the AVACEN
  4. Policies and Procedures
  5. Satisfaction Guarantee and RMA Process
  6. AVACEN.com website content
  7. AVACEN medical device usage and operation.
    • Please follow our clinically-proven protocol of 15 – 20 minutes twice daily (early morning and before bed) usage

During the exam, you must choose the correct answer. If you want, you can go back to review your answers before final submission.

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST pass the Affiliate qualification exam with a score of 100% before marketing the AVACEN medical device and before you are eligible to earn commissions. Zero commissions will be paid to any sales made prior to passing the exam.

If you do not score 100%, you can retake the exam as many times as necessary and will only have to repeat questions you answered incorrectly. Please answer the following questions before you begin the exam.

Good luck!