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Featuring eight top industry founders, business consultants, independent representatives and speakers, the Side Gig Success Summit will inspire, inform, and motivate you to take the next step.

Are you looking for an extra stream of income that will supplement your business and lifestyle? Not sure where to start and want to know how successful leaders are driving top sales? Media Stream is proud to share exclusive interviews with the experts to help you create the life and business of your dreams.

“I’m delighted to join a roster of accomplished entrepreneurs in health & wellness to explore one of the most dynamic areas of personal economic growth in 2020. The key to success in launching a side gig is to bring a brand-focused mentality to your game plan, and I look forward to sharing marketing-based strategies and tips to help side gigs thrive.”

Fran Kelly

Chief Strategist, FSK Roundtable

“At my core, I love creating safe, effective products!  When people experience value with products, they naturally share them with others.  That’s why we created Vitalibis with a peer-to-peer marketing program – so our most loyal Customers could enjoy our products, while also earning additional referral income.  The gig-economy is thriving and we’re proud to offer a robust option for those interested in being a part of our Brand Ambassador community.” 

Steve Raack

Founder & CEO , Vitalibis

Featured Guest: Lisa Williams

As we wind down the week-long Side Gig Success Summit, it is our pleasure to reveal our SURPRISE GUEST. Lisa Williams from Lisa Williams Co. joins us with great insights on her journey to successfully creating multiple levels of income.

Lisa Williams is an Entrebeliever, Wealth Coach and Chief Inspiration Officer at where she is the creator of the Perfect Side Gigs Program, Financial Wellness Program, and more. We are so delighted to have her share her secret sauce to success.  

Giveaway Prize Winner is…

Congratulations to Samantha Dennison from E.P.I.C. Tricountry, CT for winning the cool prizes for our Side Gig Success Giveaway.

You won a beautiful SOLO necklace and decorative magnetic stone necklace, embedded with Neodymium magnets to protect your energetic wellness from EMFs.  Dr. Tracey Diner, Co-Founder of Magnetude Jewelry spoke during our event about the dangers of 5G technology invading our space. The magnetic jewelry are not only beautiful but have wellness, protective attributes for your health. Samantha also won Vitalibis‘ 600 Signature CBD Full-Spectrum organic oil to help balance the mind and body. Steve Raack, CEO of Vitalibis discussed the Side Gig Evolution, offering a hybrid solution to the new side gig economy.  Use the promotion code Mediastream30 to get 30% off your next order until 12/31/2020.

Thank you to both companies for their generous gifts and we hope you all enjoyed watching the program. Media Stream is a Holistic Chamber of Commerce sponsor and is proud to support all HCC members and will continue to bring you quality programming in 2021. 

Please feel free to watch the recorded videos and contact the speakers to connect with any questions or comments. If you enjoyed the program, please follow us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn


Steve Raack, Founder & CEO of Vitalibis

Steve is a strategy, operations and technology leader who has worked for several industry leading companies such as Sony Pictures, Herbalife and Beautycounter. He runs his own premium CBD company called Vitalibis and also has his own “side gig” – where he advises a handful of innovative, growth-focused brands.

Dr. Tracey Diner, Co-Founder of Magnetude Jewelry

Dr. Tracey (a Chiropractor/Wellness doctor for 25 years and is certified in Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition and Cranial Adjusting), along with her co-partner, artist, Candice Loren, launched a beautiful line of interchangeable bio-magnetic jewelry to counteract the harmful effects of EMFs, Magnetude Jewelry. A beautiful fashionable jewelry with health benefits to add electrical energy at the cellular level to replace what EMFs remove.

Lisa Ciotto, Certified Lifestyle Coach & doTERRA Oils Educator

Lisa has been living the empowering effects of shifting to a natural and holistic lifestyle for the last 25 years and teaching others how to make that shift. She has facilitated workshops for corporate, community and school based sectors while supporting her growing team of wellness advocates. She has also facilitated workshops and volunteered with those in addiction rehab, safe homes and seniors on the benefits of essential oils and a healthy lifestyle. Visit to learn more.

Ilene Cohn Reichman, Certified Coach, Speaker, Nutritionist

Ilene teaches personal and professional development (in single or group consultations), as well as nutrition and health, and inspires her audience with her knowledge, humor, and charismatic personality. She is a wellness team leader and helps promote products/companies of value, such as Magnetude Jewelry,Vitalibis, Seacret/7.2, and Q Sciences, to name a few. Visit to learn more about to join Ilene’s team for success.

Fran Kelly, Founder & Chief Strategist of FSK Roundtable

As a strategic PR consultancy with deep expertise across lifestyle, wellness, beauty and healthcare, Fran has dedicated more than 3 decades to the art and craft of public relations – all from an agency perspective. Fran works with both global and local companies to build compelling brand narratives, and engage with audiences in both B2B and direct to consumer campaigns. This year, she launched FSK Roundtable, a specialty offering for business leaders who want a more cost-efficient and collaborative approach to bringing the power of PR to their marketing and sales efforts.


Mike Zanardelli, Diamond Executive at Seacret Direct

1Mike started his Health and Fitness career by winning the Mr. USA Bodybuilding Championship in 1989. Because this championship was heavily publicized it opened opportunities into the very specialized field of Sports Nutrition and Fitness.Mike was formerly a Strength and Conditioning Coach to many NFL athletes as well and an International Spokesman for the world largest sports nutrition company. With over 30 years in the field of Nutritional Science as a consultant and over 300 hours of lectures, seminars and classes in the subject matter of Holistic Health Care, he is considered an expert when it comes to Health and Fitness. Contact Mike Zanardelli at to learn more about incorporating nutritional supplements into growing your side gig success.

Camille Leon, Founder & CEO of Holistic Chamber of Commerce

Camille helps people find holistic approaches to health, life and business. She thrives at connecting holistically-minded professionals with more customers, clients and patients along with like-minded business support. She is also a charismatic Speaker and Author. Visit the to learn more about her robust directory that is uniting services and holistic professionals nationwide and globally too.

Dianne DelReyes, L.Ac, Business Transformation Strategy Coach, Women in Wellness

Dianne started her career over 20 years ago as an licensed acupuncturist in Portland Oregon. After years of self-discovery, she joins us today as a successful business transformation & strategy coach. Creator of two successful online courses, AcuOil Alchemy, and Leverage Your Holistic Business Academy. She is also the creator and founder of the Women in Wellness RISE & Thrive Society where she helps women practitioners and coaches create the business and life of their dreams. Connect with Dianne at

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